Who we are

Pa’Arriba Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to identify and implement innovative prevention and treatment methodologies, community-based support interventions and networked solutions that reduce violence in the home, school and society at large that can be replicated at a large scale and across geographical boundaries.

Founded originally by the directors of two Ecuadorian grass-roots organizations that had developed unique methodologies for denormalizing violence in their own society, Pa’Arriba has now taken on a life of its own. Although we continue to support work in Ecuador through a local chapter (currently under formation), we are now beginning to expand our impact by applying the lessons learned to co-create a culture of peace in the US as well as throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

If we won’t change for us, let’s change for them

Why “Pa’Arriba”?


A well-known phrase from Latin American Spanish whose rolled “r’s” sing out a powerful call to action: Onwards and upwards!


An inspiring way to say that we are ready to break the destructive cycle of violence, to establish boundaries.


A call to set out on a healing path with tools and community that accompany us on the journey of positive transformation.


A destination and a belief that we can co-create the world of peace, respect and abundance we want to live in!

U.S. Team

We are a multi-cultural, geographically diverse team working together to bring the best of violence prevention methodologies to the US, Ecuador and the Spanish-speaking world.

Ecuador Team

For more information on the team supporting our work in Ecuador