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LANA Hermana: Sisters supporting sisters

The pandemic has brought challenges to people around the world, and Latin America has been particularly hard hit – and even more so for vulnerable groups such as immigrants, migrants and refugees....

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Forgiveness is part of loving

We live in a world where we deal with people who are not easy to get along with. How many times are we offended or treated badly by people who are part of our family or people very close to us from whom we did not expect such treatment?...

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We are beings in constant change and evolution, and many times we anticipate what life has in store for us. Our dreams or the goals that we set are in what we call life plans. But what happens when we are surrounded by critical situations that were not foreseen in…...

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Peace goes beyond the absence of conflicts

According to the Oxford dictionary, peace is a situation or state in which there is no war or struggle between two or more opposing parties. But peace goes much further, peace is respecting each other, accepting, and appreciating differences, fighting for injustices, supporting people who need it most. Peace is…...

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Soul scars hurt too

One of the most repudiated acts at all levels is gender abuse or violence. It is a problem that has been immersed in our society for years. The United Nations defines gender violence as any act against women that results in physical, sexual, psychological, and/or economic harm. As well as…...

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Maternal Empowerment

It is a transformation that is acquired throughout the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum stages; it implies an increase in strength in all its aspects, linked to the development of confidence in all its capacities....

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When we feel overwhelmed by the lack of love and attention, in some cases the best thing to do is to take distance, and this is the topic addressed in "Conversando con tu Vecindad", it is essential not to ask ourselves too many questions when we are the ones who…...

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Parenting children and adolescents is an extremely complicated and satisfying task. This is guidance that parents give to their children for their well-being and learning. I am sure there is no manual on how to be a good parent or how to raise a child. But we all know that…...

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In "Conversando con tu Vecindad", our feelings were touched by a reality that many women live in the world and that Andrea (protected name), shared with us: The strength she had to express that feeling that flooded her soul, filling her with resentment and confusion, was very great, with she…...

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Our future depends on us, meanwhile live in the here and now

The 2021 presidential elections in Ecuador have really been an ordeal for all Ecuadorians. The future is so uncertain that it only depends on us and how we build it.The 'power' to decide who we want to govern us is in our hands. On the one hand, we have socialism…...

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