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I have a dream

On April 6, 2021, Pa’Arriba Foundation’s local chapter, Fundación Pa’Arriba Ecuador signed a formal agreement with the national Human Rights Secretariat of Ecuador to expand its programs in the country. We are convinced that our alliance will make our work in violence prevention even more effective, by allowing the foundation…...

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Sleeping with the Enemy

In the previous Neighborly Conversations dialogue circle, “Maria” told us about a problem that was keeping her up at night: 36 years of marriage, a couple with grown children, a “common” husband (sexist, with a soldier’s voice)....

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When a Friend Leaves!

It’s so easy to say that someone died, but it takes more than a simple hug to cure it. Any attempts at speaking are inadequate, and their presence vanishes like fog in the wind. ...

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The Moment When YES Becomes NO MORE

There is a topic that keeps popping up in our Neighbourly Conversations dialogue circle, and it’s one that bothers us about our society as a human being, and even more so as a man. This problem is violence against women....

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Don’t hurt me!

Last Thursday during Pa’Arriba Foundation’s Neighborly Conversations Dialogue Circle, we began to talk about a large problem present across the Americas: widespread violence....

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The challenge of raising children and teens during a pandemic

Life changed completely at the start of 2020 when COVID-19 hit our country. All the changes we have made to avoid infection and protect our health have touched us in various ways, from the drastic ones like lockdowns to the more mundane improvements of personal hygiene...

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And now what?

Some parents ask this question when their children are 1-2 years away from finishing high school: A fortunate issue to have, but one that comes with worries about their choice of university and major, where they will go, and how much it will cost....

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There were two roads…I took them both . In peace

There is a famous poem by American poet Robert Frost where the narrator finds two roads in a forest and doesn’t know which to take. Both look pleasant, and he thinks that he could possibly walk along the road without choosing a future....

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Life: A Beautiful Voyage

The Neighborly Conversations dialogue circle goes back and forth between friendship and pain when it loses one of its own.  The dialogue circle transforms pain into beautiful pearls, one of which is that we are all on the train of life, enjoying its multiple colors, the scenery, the food, a…...

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Experience belongs to someone else, until it becomes your own

I’m telling you, I’ve done it before and it isn’t good for you!”  This small phrase, offered with love from parents to their children, grandparents to parents, or between friends, often contains a sense of helplessness and frustration. ...

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