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Peace goes beyond the absence of conflicts

According to the Oxford dictionary, peace is a situation or state in which there is no war or struggle between two or more opposing parties. But peace goes much further, peace is respecting each other, accepting, and appreciating differences, fighting for injustices, supporting people who need it most. Peace is…...

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Soul scars hurt too

One of the most repudiated acts at all levels is gender abuse or violence. It is a problem that has been immersed in our society for years. The United Nations defines gender violence as any act against women that results in physical, sexual, psychological, and/or economic harm. As well as…...

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Maternal Empowerment

It is a transformation that is acquired throughout the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum stages; it implies an increase in strength in all its aspects, linked to the development of confidence in all its capacities....

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Our future depends on us, meanwhile live in the here and now

The 2021 presidential elections in Ecuador have really been an ordeal for all Ecuadorians. The future is so uncertain that it only depends on us and how we build it.The 'power' to decide who we want to govern us is in our hands. On the one hand, we have socialism…...

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Where is my self love?

In last Thursday’s Neighborly Conversations Dialogue Circle, we talked about very important topics such as: Trying to please everyone else. Not speaking out against situations that we dislike....

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When does Honesty Disappear?

In the latest Neighbourly Conversations Dialogue Circle, we addressed the topic of how corruption has become boundless. It has reached a point that outrages us, causes fury, and makes us feel like idiots. And worse, they speak of a path forward, but nothing happens....

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According to the UN, COVID-19 has a strong relationship with the health of our ecosystem. When we talk about mother earth, we allude to the second source of life for human beings; breathing natural and unpolluted air depends on society itself. ...

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Women in the professional sphere

The participation of women in the labor field is an issue that still has much to be debated and changed. The belief that women have fewer capabilities compared to men is what has led to the existence, in the 21st century, of inequality and injustice in the professional field. Globally,…...

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According to a magazine of the State Attorney General's Office, when we talk about corruption, we refer to:  "A set of illicit or illegitimate activities, carried out by public or private servants, with the purpose of benefiting properly from it or benefiting third parties through the use of spaces of…...

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Let the children play, that should be an obligation

On April 16, 1996, the Pakistani boy, Iqbal Masih, was killed by gangs in Pakistan when he was 12 years old.  He was enslaved in factories from a very young age, so at the age of 10 he decided to join a group of activists against child exploitation, thus causing…...

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