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Life: A Beautiful Voyage

The Neighborly Conversations dialogue circle goes back and forth between friendship and pain when it loses one of its own.  The dialogue circle transforms pain into beautiful pearls, one of which is that we are all on the train of life, enjoying its multiple colors, the scenery, the food, a…...

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Experience belongs to someone else, until it becomes your own

I’m telling you, I’ve done it before and it isn’t good for you!”  This small phrase, offered with love from parents to their children, grandparents to parents, or between friends, often contains a sense of helplessness and frustration. ...

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The First Love

Interesting topics come up every Thursday during the healing dialog circles of our Neighborly Conversations program. ...

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Let’s be clear!

Sadly, in Ecuador and around the world, many people still believe that March 8 is a day for celebration, but this is not the case. It’s time we change that. Most people don’t know the history and the background about what really happened on this day. So we’d like to…...

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A pearl of inspiration is a place to start or to continue a journey of transformation, to learn from each other’s life experiences or to connect with specialists. A place to discover a word, a phrase, a song, a painting that helps us grow as human beings or create a…...

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