A magical word that turns desperation into hope.
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We are a community of people like you who believe that together we can transform violence into peace, intolerance into respect, and hopelessness into resilience.

We’re getting out the message that violence is unacceptable and co-creating an ecosystem of participatory, community-based support that puts the power of everyday change in everyone’s hands and leaves only the most complicated cases to the specialists.

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1 out of 3 women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence (IPV) or non-partner sexual violence.

Globally, close to 4 out of 10 murders of women are committed by their intimate partners. In Ecuador, a femicide occurs every 3 days on average.

Approximately 1 billion children between 2 and 17 years old have endured physical, sexual, or emotional violence or abandonment in the last year.

1 in 5 women experiences rape or attempted rape in her lifetime.

Large and medium-sized enterprises lose almost $1.8 billion to Violence Against Women (VaW) every year in Ecuador and 81.3% of these costs are due to normalized violence

Of the population studied, 72.1% suffered some type of experience of control, 74.1% imposition, 65.9% rejection and 61.4% violence..



Basic Mental Health and Community Strengthening

A community-based psychosocial support system that to date has served more than 3,500 people in weekly dialog circles. Born in November 2017 under the “No More in Ecuador Project,” using the Systemic Integrative Community Therapy (TCI) methodology, endorsed by the International Association of Social Psychiatry. It provides a professionally-facilitated space for communication which strengthens self-esteem, resilience and community bonds.


Financial Empowerment, Art, and Sorority

Winner of Innovation for Change’s “Laboratory of Innovation, Andean Region”, this pilot project began with 80 Ecuadorian women and migrants, weaving a network of sorority that proved the power of the community to face obstacles. Sisters Helping Sisters is committed to financial empowerment as a key for women to gain their economic and spiritual independence. The program relies on value chains such as fairs and the manufacturing of products for associated businesses and has permanent support from the International Coaching Federation of Ecuador. This program is temporarily suspended until the new call.


Denormalization and Prevention of Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Using music, art, and dialogue, we work through issues of gender violence. We provide an empathetic space where people reach a greater understanding of the structures and cultural bases that generate abuse in all social areas. The participants give themselves over to their inner child, breaking down barriers and stereotypes that help them empathize with others’ suffering. The process gives them an understanding of how they personally can be part of change, with their actions and words.

No Más en Ecuador

La violencia no nace en un vacío

Este programa busca soluciones desde el lugar donde se encuentran los problemas, impulsando estrategias basadas en el diálogo respetuoso y creando espacios de apoyo auténtico, con el objetivo de mejorar la comunidad donde habitamos.


Our Most Trusted Supporting partners

Everyone deserves a violence-free life.


A pearl of inspiration is a place to start or to continue a healing journey, to learn from each other’s life experiences or to connect with specialists. A place to discover a word, a phrase, a song, a painting that helps us grow as human beings or create a better world