In Insolation

Pearl of Inspiration

After the storm, the calm always comes

By: Ma.Fernanda Camacho (Translated by Allison Párraga)

You open your eyes, you stare at the ceiling for a while, and even if you try, you can’t find a reason that makes you want to start the day with the best energy.

You manage to get your strength and you get out of bed, leave your room and start with the routine of every day.

As the hours go by you realize that you are living in monotony.

The seconds pass, the minutes pass, the clock is ticking, and so night falls. You go to bed, sleep and the next day the same old thing awaits you.

Surely you have had the feeling of being in a constant routine that overwhelms you, tires you, and bores you.


Feeling this is completely normal because no one was prepared to live in the middle of a pandemic.

Covid-19 is a world-historical event that changed our lives, our emotions, sensations, and feelings.

The sanitary measures, the distancing, the closing of borders, the closure of businesses, not being able to see our friends and families, and confinement have brought out the best and the worst in everyone.

The cycle of life has been turned upside down.  Let’s not forget that we are social beings living in communities.

Isolation lessens us as human beings, and we must find ways to reinvent ourselves and find that togetherness.  Technology fortunately helps, but it’s really not enough.

So, it’s okay to feel bad from time to time, it’s okay to not want to get out of bed at times, it’s okay to feel fed up and unmotivated on certain days.

The important thing is to find ways not to feel that way all the time and to get out of the monotony that sometimes consumes us.


Some recommendations to take care of your mental health in the pandemic according to are:

  • Recognize your emotions and don’t ignore them
  • Do activities that serve to distract you, for example: reading, dancing, cooking, watching movies, walking, playing sports, etc.
  • Keep in touch with your loved ones
  • Look at the good things in life
  • Be kind to yourself and other people
  • Do not neglect your physical health
  • Ask for help when you feel you need it

 When you feel overwhelmed, try doing something different, something that restores your motivation.  You’ve earned it.

Adversities make us stronger and wiser.

And although we believe that things are not going to improve, at some point everything fits, because whatever it is and whatever happens, the sun always comes out again.