Pearl of Inspiration


By: Tatiana Alcivar Translated by Taisa Strouse)


Our whole life is an accumulation of constant decisions from the alarm clock ringing in the morning to the moment in which we decide to go to sleep at night, in a nutshell we are always making small or big decisions in our lives, always. 

Our constant succession of decisions from what we eat in the morning to deciding to marry or stay single, obviously some are more important than others and are taken with greater caution, and some others are made with less thought based on our judgements and emotions.


Each choice determines the course of our lives and that definitely causes us anxiety and therefore emotional fatigue, making good decisions in life is not easy, especially when we have to deal with a high degree of uncertainty and we cannot glimpse a certain science. the consequences of our actions, that is why it is convenient to let our sixth sense speak, letting ourselves be carried away by that hunch that tells us what would be the best for us in the situation we are in.

Sigmund Freud said: “When it comes to a trivial decision, I have always found it advantageous when I consider the pros and cons. However, in vital matters the decision must come from the unconscious from somewhere within ourselves…” 

The unconscious is a very dangerous ally that knows you perfectly those hunches you have never fail.


In life everything seems to indicate that in order to make a good decision it is important not to think too much or at least not rationally and let the unconscious reach its conclusions, that is what is known as intuitive intelligence. In fact, many psychologists believe that we should harness more of the power of our unconscious mind, not only as a source of creativity but also to make better decisions in our lives.

Make sure you listen to what your unconscious has to say, if your instinct pushes you in one direction, DO NOT ignore it and analyze why that alternative attracts you, perhaps it is not a bad decision and you will gain satisfaction, but above all motivation.


If today in your life you do not know what decision or which path to take and you feel completely lost or lost and even feel distressed, keep calm, some of the best decisions are made with the heart, with that inner voice that tells you: ” it’s that way”, “it’s like that”, “it’s that course”, “it’s her”, “it’s him”, “it’s that race”, “it’s that color”, “it’s that destination”… at the end of the day Life is about taking risks, trying, doing things even if we are very afraid because no decision in life is made one hundred percent sure..


Take risks, the footprint is for you, for your life, for what you want and for what you want because I assure you that no matter what happens, if tomorrow things don’t turn out as you expected at least you will feel calm, you will feel calm for having done exactly what you felt was the right thing to do at that moment, but if things go well and much better than you expected, you will understand why many times in life the best thing you can do is always listen to that inner voice that tells you to try, Take a risk, do it, cheer up.

After all, you have absolutely nothing to lose because life goes by very quickly and when you realize it, you may have missed unique opportunities that do not come twice in life and when you discover them you will feel peace with yourself because you knew how to value them and take advantage of them when they came your way. presented in front of you, so be calm, trust yourself and your own decisions.

Trust that you can take charge of your own life and that things will work out and if they don’t work out at least you tried; Doing so will give you a lot of peace, on the contrary, living a lifetime thinking about what would have happened if you had tried.

I hope you take risks, I hope you cheer up.

“Time does not decide everything, we make our decisions, time only gives us space to think and then decide” Anonymous

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