Say no to corruption

Pearl of Inspiration

Problems notwithstanding, we must come first

By: Penélope Lara  (Translated by Patricia Minski)

According to the magazine of the State Attorney General’s Office, when we talk about corruption we are referring to:  “A set of illicit or illegitimate activities, carried out by public or private servants, with the purpose of benefiting from it themselves or of benefiting third parties through the use of positions of power”.

 In Thursday’s Conversando con tu Veci(ndad) gathering, Andrea (not her real name) conveyed pain and helplessness to the others present.

Andrea has been working on social issues for a long time and lives with the constant illusion of wanting to work for a better country, completely forgetting about her own well-being.

Having to deal with corruption and not being able to do anything in times of coronavirus “has broken her soul”, and sadly, although it is regrettable, it is very true what this phrase says: “Politics is the art of preventing people from getting involved in what they do care about” Marco Aurelio Almazán.

Crude Reality

Corruption in the country has come to cause distrust and division among friends and family, she says.

Just as the Coronavirus came to change our lives, corruption has affected not only our economies but also the peace of mind and emotional wellbeing of millions of citizens for decades.

Listening to Andrea, many felt the same helplessness and frustration that she has.  She was concerned with the fact that those who lead us do not have adequate skills and that they seek only to secure their own welfare and not that of those who genuinely need it.

The fact that they want to “steal” the money for medical supplies and leave many helpless, only shows the lack of humanity, love, commitment and responsibility that some public officials have.

A Question

She (Andrea) tells us that she dreams of taking refuge in a cave where there is no corrupt and indolent society, and wonders :

Are these people human beings or monsters?

And she is quite right, because those who abuse power have no heart, those who prefer to fill their pockets with the people’s money and abandon those who really need it, they have no mercy. 

Having to deal with corruption without being able to change it or put an end to it has a psychological effect on those who live with it daily.

Food for Thought

According to a SciELO article, those who perceive greater corruption in their environment tend to have lower levels of life satisfaction.

Moreover, living in a corrupt society negatively impacts the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Concentrating on the present, being well and doing things to nurture oneself brings personal satisfaction.  This has been a solution for many people in the face of problems they are experiencing not only in the country but also in their individual work and family spaces.

Living in the present and focusing on one’s own emotional wellbeing won’t put an end to what the country is going through, but it does comfort the soul and gives us a better perspective on life.

Often we cannot deal with external dilemmas and those of others because we are consumed by our own issues.

Doing our bit to the best of our abilities is the right thing to do and it does bring satisfaction, but it is crucial that we not forget that the priority is oneself first and then to help others.