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Letter from the Director

What does it mean to build a community of peace?

I believe that peace is a conscious decision, encompassing accumulated daily words and actions that lead to finding ways to coexist that do not harm others. What we say and do matters. By carefully listening to and respecting others’ points of view, by fostering understanding and finding common ground, we…...

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LANA Hermana: Sisters supporting sisters

The pandemic has brought challenges to people around the world, and Latin America has been particularly hard hit – and even more so for vulnerable groups such as immigrants, migrants and refugees....

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I have a dream

On April 6, 2021, Pa’Arriba Foundation’s local chapter, Fundación Pa’Arriba Ecuador signed a formal agreement with the national Human Rights Secretariat of Ecuador to expand its programs in the country. We are convinced that our alliance will make our work in violence prevention even more effective, by allowing the foundation…...

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A pearl of inspiration is a place to start or to continue a journey of transformation, to learn from each other’s life experiences or to connect with specialists. A place to discover a word, a phrase, a song, a painting that helps us grow as human beings or create a…...

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