Pearl of Inspiration


By: Tatiana Alcívar (Translated by Susan Brand)

Get up and make this your best moment! Things are often not easy, but they are the things that must happen again and again to become consistent, to find your greatness.  No matter what others think of you, it matters what you believe in your heart about yourself and your soul.   Only then will you take the path.

You must live a good life for yourself, not for others. Stop looking at the past because if you do you won’t be able to see the future.  You must move forward!   Leave mistakes behind and learn from them.

All of us were born to be great.  Never stop no matter what.   You don’t need anyone’s approval.  You must believe in yourself.

It’s true, you may have had a difficult life like everyone else, but it’s like the color of your skin, you don’t decide!, you’re alive and that’s the only thing that matters.

There will always be adversity and there will also be disasters in your way.  There are so many things that will try to destroy you.  If you only sit and start thinking about playing the blame game, you will fail!   Stop blaming everyone and take charge of your life!  Believe in yourself and believe in everything you want to do.

Change Your Beliefs

Change your mentality.  You were not born to lose.  You were born to win, so you are a winner.  You were born to be great. Just create it.  There are many gifts and greatnesses within you so stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start worrying about what you are going to do to get the life you want.

Be yourself!  Don’t try to fool the person you look in the mirror at the start of your day.  You can’t fool the person who’s staring at you head-on.  You’re not the person social media thinks you are.  You’re so much more than that.  You’re an amazing person.  Believe in yourself and find that part of your greatness and make a difference in the world of humanity!

When you feel defeated, ask yourself: What do I fight for in life?

In life you fight for something.  To be able to fight you must explore.  What is your passion?  When you find it, put all your heart into it.  Sure, you will experience the dark parts of life, and that is only that.  To be a fighter you must learn to sacrifice – sacrifice friends, sacrifice your social life. By that is meant, giving up something of lesser value for something of greater value.  You must spend time isolated in the dark, obsessing over your goal. You are a fighter so fight!

What do you expect?  You were made to win so backing down is not an option.

Become the driver of your life, not your past! 

Throw all that fear on the floor so that success will begin to rain.  Success is already inside you if you open the way. Know, however, it will become more difficult as you approach your goal, but it will be worth the joy in achieving it.

Let’s Fix It

Everything that’s wrong is your responsibility to fix.  It’s your responsibility to rewrite it, so, let’s get it done!  Take all those guilts and make a commitment to replace these thoughts with ones of truth and justice – to others and yourself.  It is possible to transform guilt into much more important things.  Your life will tell the tale.

When you point to others to blame them, guess what?  There will always be more fingers pointing at you every second of your life.

No one is going to give you anything that you haven’t earned or that you don’t deserve. Life will be hard or pleasurable.  It is up to you.  Whoever wants to live an amazing life, must do incredible things.  You must take control. Yes, you are going to fall a few times, but remember that you’re not perfect and doing your best is enough.

Get up! Go make that difference because greatness is already within you.  It’s time for you to look for all that you deserve in your life and fight!  Fight hard every day for the rest of your life.  In the end your own dreams will become reality.

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