Let the children play, that should be an obligation



By: Penélope Lara (Translated by Patricia Minski)

Let’s take care of the Earth and love life


According to the UN, Covid-19 is strongly linked with the health of our ecosystem.  When we speak of Mother Earth, we are making reference to the second source of life for human beings:  to breathe fresh, uncontaminated air.  To do so depends on society itself.. 

Currently about one million animal species are in danger of extinction due to  human behavior and carelessness when our goal should be to live in perfect harmony and communion with nature and our environment.


Humanity must be made aware of the joy of swimming in crystal clear oceans, walking in snowy mountains, enjoying clean waterfalls, rivers and streams, visiting the jungle and its surroundings.  The ability to do this depends on us.

If we fail to do this, it is clear that we are careless in regards to our natural environment.  Disregarding our ecosystem can have irreparable consequences not only for us humans but for other beings that inhabit the planet as well.

According to an article in Harmony with Nature, “since the industrial revolution, nature has been treated as a commodity that exists for the benefit of humans and it has been assumed that environmental problems can be solved through the use of technology.”

It is safe to say that nature and Mother Earth are necessities for society.


Every year millions of hectares of virgin forest are cut down in the Amazon.  In 2019 alone, 1.7 million hectares of primary forest were destroyed.  And, according to studies by the University of Maryland, no government or institution has been able to put a stop to it.

As a consequence of this act alone, there has been a change in the earth’s temperature. Greater drought affects the region as a result of less rainfall. Less oxygen is emitted. The Greenhouse Effect intensifies. And we see increased migration and even extinction of different animal species.

If we look at the uncontrolled industrial fishing in sectors such as the Galápagos Free Triangle, we will see how the food chain has been affected resulting in some animals leaving the area in search of food while others die from lack of it.

While at the same time, traditional fishermen are unable to sustain themselves and their families through fishing those waters.  We continue to destroy not only the fauna but also the future of this small society. 

It is time to say:  Enough!

Enough destruction of nature for personal gain.  We are rational people, let’s realize that the life of our own species is also in danger.  Our survival depends on the immediate and constant care that we give to the global ecosystem.  Let’s care for it and ensure that this phrase loses its validity:

“There are two things which strike me in a profound way:  the intelligence of animals and the brutality of humans.” T. Bernard