Justice vs. Injustice

Pearl of Inspiration

Justice vs. Injustice

By: Penélope Lara (Translated by Taisa Strouse)


In one of our Neighborly Conversations roundtables, María* stated that she sometimes feels like Wonder Woman, because she wants to solve problems everywhere, putting herself into situations that are not hers. She always wants to have a part in justice and for everything to be resolved in the best way, but many times she ends up feeling frustrated and powerless in not achieving much.

María commented that, in society, those who seek justice always forget about their own well-being, turning a blind eye to their own needs. They don’t take fair action in the face of visible and obvious offenses, putting aside the care of the greater population to focus on the needs of individuals as a citizen.


María works taking care of cars in an area of ​​Quito. On one occasion, an intoxicated young man rebuked and hit the cars that she was in charge of. Unfortunately, when she asked him not to do so, an unwarrented fight broke out, despite her being woman and pregnant. When she brought this case to court, they did nothing and, even worse, they blamed her because that young drunk man was a minor.

The authorities never considered that María was a pregnant woman and that during the accident she was with her young daughter. In the end, they told her “that these acts were a illegal and that she should find another place to file the complaint”, as a result causing her huge disappointment about those authorities of justice and a loss of trust in the judicial system


Without a doubt, those acts that we often want to defend can cause us great disappointment or harm us physically and/or mentally. They leave us with a trace of bitterness in life and in those people who, perhaps without thinking, could not do anything to avoid, or in this case, care for a pregnant mother.

Calmness is the best medicine for these types of situations, asking for help is healthy, giving it is more admirable especially in these situations where not many people want to get involved. But sometimes, giving help is necessary just to prevent further damage.

Analyze what is wise and avoid confrontation at all costs. Safeguard the life of others and better yet, one’s own.

So, we must also make the authorities aware that the defense of a pregnant woman must be a priority, and that the backing of justice should be fully on her side: a hard-working, respectful woman who is eager to help her children grow up in this world.

Although this situation sounds terrible, the woman who wanted to be the hero of the story learned a great lesson. She learned to think of herself, her daughter and her baby before acting, not to rush, and to not put her life in danger to protect things that in the end can be replaced. One can’t always be ” Wonder Woman.”


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