There was a time when elders shared their wisdom with members of younger generations, and this still happens in some close-knit families. But for many people living in the modern world, knowing how to face life’s challenges does not come easy. And even when we have access to personal or professional support networks, sometimes we don’t want advice – even when we are desperately seeking out the light at the end of the tunnel.

Pa’Arriba Foundation’s life skills education program, known as Pearls of Light, shares important life lessons that arise in the context of the dialog circles of the Conversando con la Veci(ndad) healing circles project. The program offers these valuable messages to the general public in numerous communications formats under the assumption that not everyone will choose to participate in a dialog circle, but everyone can benefit from hearing the messages that come from the participants in the circles.

Common themes include: empowerment, empathy, respect for oneself and others, positive communications, creative thinking, critical thinking, healthy interpersonal relations, coping with stress and strong emotions, self-awareness and resilience.

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