Together Building a Culture of Peace

Our projects promote systemic changes in the process of building participatory and community ecosystems. We prioritize prevention, generating support spaces for victims of all types of violence to begin a path of healing.

Neighborly Conversations

Basic Mental Health and Community Strengthening

A community-based psychosocial support system that to date has served more than 3,500 people in weekly dialog circles. Born in November 2017 under the “No More in Ecuador Project,” using the Systemic Integrative Community Therapy (TCI) methodology, endorsed by the International Association of Social Psychiatry. It provides a professionally-facilitated space for communication which strengthens self-esteem, resilience and community bonds.


From the Heart!

“Talking about violence with my neighbors and friends, without judgment, knowing that I am not the only woman violated, but that this has happened in many places – made me stronger and gave me reasons to move forward while strengthening my community.”
A resident of the Guantugloma commune, Quito, Ecuador


Safe and Rapid Access to Information Regarding Support Resources for Victims of Violence

A nationwide, online platform, which will provide a fast, simple, and secure connection-system for victims of violence. Here they will find the information they need on legal and therapeutic resources, shelters, and other types of support. Whether or not they choose to formally report incidents, they can seek out complementary or preventative resources in just a few anonymous clicks.

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Sisters Helping Sisters (LANA Hermana)

Financial Empowerment, Art, and Sorority

Winner of Innovation for Change’s “Laboratory of Innovation, Andean Region”, this pilot project began with 80 Ecuadorian women and migrants, weaving a network of sorority that proved the power of the community to face obstacles. Sisters Helping Sisters is committed to financial empowerment as a key for women to gain their economic and spiritual independence. The program relies on value chains such as fairs and the manufacturing of products for associated businesses and has permanent support from the International Coaching Federation of Ecuador.


From the Heart!

“For me, this was an opportunity and a blessing. It is a beautiful project that greatly helps us to learn a lot of new things and enhances the businesses we have or helps us to start new ones.”
Rosarita, participant in the “Sisters Helping Sisters” project


From the Heart!

“I find the non-invasive, non-threatening, and respectful tone that existed in the workshop to be very appropriate. Trust is built little by little and I really liked that they didn't require participants to divulge personal details. Thank you very much for a nice experience.”
S.F. Business owner.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly – Awakening to Transformation

Denormalization and Prevention of Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Using music, art, and dialogue, we work through issues of gender violence. We provide an empathetic space where people reach a greater understanding of the structures and cultural bases that generate abuse in all social areas. The participants give themselves over to their inner child, breaking down barriers and stereotypes that help them empathize with others’ suffering. The process gives them an understanding of how they personally can be part of change, with their actions and words.