Sleeping with the enemy

Pearl of Inspiration

Sleeping with the Enemy

By: Jaime W. Mejía    (Translated by Jessica Schwartzman)

In the previous Neighborly Conversations dialogue circle, “Maria” told us about a problem that was keeping her up at night: 36 years of marriage, a couple with grown children, a “common” husband (sexist, with a soldier’s voice).

 In this episode (she had joined the circle before), she told us that, sadly, her “general” had contracted COVID-19.

She had to do what any selfless wife would do in her home:  care for her sick husband despite his bad temper and abusive treatment of her.

Consequently, she became the only “head of the household.”

Yet, the demands of her kids made her feel like “the last cog in a machine”, unimportant and only serving to ensure that demands such as food, clothing and money were met.

And on top of it, this happened while she remained in confinement: 24 hours, 7 days a week.

This made the demands endless and even tougher, leading her to hit rock bottom.

Exhaustion set in. And all she wanted was to run away and find some quiet place where she could be alone.

What do you need for a change?

After such sustained effort, anyone would feel that their energy was depleted. At that moment, a voice comes from deep inside: ENOUGH!

Do others not see the work, strength and sacrifice we have given to care for them?

At some point, even our parents are not obligated to look after us or watch over our wellbeing and health.

Is there a “magic basket” that cleans and folds the laundry itself?  How do the feasts at our table get there?

It’s not about the money.  Whatever happened to recognition, kindness and gratitude?  A simple “THANK YOU” says more than a thousand words.  This is often forgotten but is very powerful.

Best of all is when the work and various household chores are shared and reciprocated.  Love is like that:  you love and let others love

The most important thing is that, in the home, everyone participates in this kindness and cares for each other. This is what FAMILY is about. This truly feels like HOME.