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Happy PRIDE month!!

This month, we celebrate the LGBTIQ+ community. The Stonewall Uprising, that began in 1969, is known as a “tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement” and thus is commerated every year in June. Worldwide, you’ll see masses of people decked out in rainbow colors honoring their own identities and those…...

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International day of No Racial Discrimination

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of their skin. People learn to hate. We can also be taught to love. Love comes more naturally to the human heart than the opposite.” Nelson Mandela, human rights defender....

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Peace is more than an absence of conflict

According to the Oxford dictionary, peace is a situation or state in which there is no war or struggle between two or more opposing parties. But peace goes much further, peace is respecting each other, accepting, and appreciating differences, fighting for injustices, supporting people who need it most. Peace is…...

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The moment when “YES, I do” becomes in “NO MORE”

There is a topic that keeps popping up in our Neighbourly Conversations dialogue circle, and it’s one that bothers us about our society as a human being, and even more so as a man. This problem is violence against women....

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Don’t hurt me!

Last Thursday during Pa’Arriba Foundation’s Neighborly Conversations Dialogue Circle, we began to talk about a large problem present across the Americas: widespread violence....

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The challenge of raising children and teens during a pandemic

Life changed completely at the start of 2020 when COVID-19 hit our country. All the changes we have made to avoid infection and protect our health have touched us in various ways, from the drastic ones like lockdowns to the more mundane improvements of personal hygiene...

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