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From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Over a decade ago, our founder and President Lisa Markovits set out to help reduce violence against women at a large scale around the world. She started with a song and then created Pa’Arriba Foundation....

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Don´t be afraid to jump and fly

You know, Sancho, all these storms that befall us are signs that soon the weather will calm down and that good things must happen; for it is not possible for good and evil to last forever, and it follows that evil having lasted a long time, good must be near..."…...

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Love is not as important as good health. You can't love if you're not healthy. You don't appreciate it (Bryan Cranston). According to the World Health Organization, since 1948, every April 7 is commemorated as World Health Day, in order to raise awareness about terminal diseases, and encouraging healthy eating…...

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A universe of luminous differences

̈Your mind interprets the world differently. You feel and see things with a unique perspective. This is what makes it so magnificent¨ Tina J. Richardson....

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