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LANA Hermana: Sisters supporting sisters

The pandemic has brought challenges to people around the world, and Latin America has been particularly hard hit – and even more so for vulnerable groups such as immigrants, migrants and refugees....

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Love is not as important as good health. You can't love if you're not healthy. You don't appreciate it (Bryan Cranston). According to the World Health Organization, since 1948, every April 7 is commemorated as World Health Day, in order to raise awareness about terminal diseases, and encouraging healthy eating…...

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A universe of luminous differences

̈Your mind interprets the world differently. You feel and see things with a unique perspective. This is what makes it so magnificent¨ Tina J. Richardson....

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After the storm, the calm always comes

You open your eyes, you stare at the ceiling for a while, and even if you try, you can't find a reason that makes you want to start the day with the best energy. You manage to get your strength and you get out of bed, leave your room and…...

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