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Get up and make this your best moment! Things are often not easy, but they are the things that must happen again and again to become consistent, to find your greatness.  No matter what others think of you, it matters what you believe in your heart about yourself and your…...

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The Difficult Task of Growing Up

"Growing-up means nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger and older, but for them they are still their children." – Toni Morrison...

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Living without Violence

Many think that violence happens for a reason.  Others think it is their fault.  Some believe that it is part of a stage.  Still others assume that life is like this.  So many thoughts creep in that we cannot get out of our head, and at some point, we definitely…...

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Tell him, I LOVE YOU!!

Valentine's Day is one of the most significant dates of the year because it celebrates love, friendship, affection, and the importance of giving and receiving love.  It is one of many days of love in which to remember our loved ones and friends, and above all, another opportunity to tell…...

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LANA Hermana: Sisters supporting sisters

The pandemic has brought challenges to people around the world, and Latin America has been particularly hard hit – and even more so for vulnerable groups such as immigrants, migrants and refugees....

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There were two roads…I took them both. In peace

There is a famous poem by American poet Robert Frost where the narrator finds two roads in a forest and doesn’t know which to take. Both look pleasant, and he thinks that he could possibly walk along the road without choosing a future....

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