By: Ma. Fernanda Camacho  (Translated by Patricia Minski)

A single lesson can change an entire life

On this special day it is necessary to thank the people who embody patience, dedication and tenacity.  On this special day it is necessary to thank the teachers.

Teachers are beings who cross our paths to fill us with knowledge.  They appear in our lives not only to fulfill what a curriculum requires but also to guide us in different aspects of life.

Thank you for leaving aside the role of teacher and becoming a support to deal with problems that sometimes seem to have no solution, for sharing anecdotes and laughter with each of us, for making us notice that at certain times we are not doing things right, for trusting in our abilities and encouraging us to fight for our dreams.

Thank you for not allowing us to give way to mediocrity and pushing us to demonstrate our maximum potential.


 The educators who make a difference are those that guide us in analyzing different angles when making a decision, who show us how to evaluate good from bad, the teachers who stress what is moral and ethical.

How many teachers are there who make us see the other side of the coin, a new perspective on a subject, elucidate on taboos or myths, that make us think about the existence or the essence of the human being.

It is not only what we can learn about a theory, but to know and awaken that yearning for knowledge and research on things and that we can have a range of answers with foundation and critical thinking about the question.

Even more so when that knowledge is about values, about knowing for sure that actions have consequences that we must be accountable for whatever they may be.

Thanks to the teacher who teaches us what is valid, what is ethical, what is moral, what is loyalty, what is love for others.

Thank you very much for not giving up on your purpose, even if at times you feel that what you are doing makes no sense at all.

Thank you for expanding our vision of the world and for letting us know that if we want it with all our might we can reach the highest peak.  Thank you for helping us to become better human beings every day.

For that and more, thank you!

“The mediocre teacher tells. The ordinary teacher explains. The good teacher demonstrates. The excellent teacher inspires”. William A. Ward.