Pearl of Inspiration


A pearl of inspiration is a place to start or to continue a journey of transformation, to learn from each other’s life experiences or to connect with specialists. A place to discover a word, a phrase, a song, a painting that helps us grow as human beings or create a better world.

Each week – or more often as our muse comes to us – the “Pearl of Inspiration” blog will be there for you, accompanying you through the ups and downs of life, helping you realize that you’re not alone. Whatever you are living, or whatever you have lived, is part of human existence. Any problem, no matter how difficult, can be turned into a life lesson that brings you fulfillment, guidance and eventually, perhaps even joy. We can choose whether to sink or swim. Or better yet, we can follow the example of the oyster, which when irritated by the grain of sand that arrived unbidden in its shell, turns this unwanted nuisance into one of our most precious possessions: a pearl!

Join us as we share with you the jewels that fill our heart and soul at our weekly healing dialog circles, where the community gathers to find the strength to make decisions and the wisdom to know which path is right for them. Discover your own pearls or learn from others’. See how the arts can embolden us to change our way of thinking and forge our own reality. Find solace in knowing there are options. Use the pearls of inspiration as your own personal amulet for transforming into the greatest version possible of yourself.


Lisa Markovits


Pa’Arriba Foundation

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