Pearl of Inspiration

What will happen tomorrow?

By: David Vera (Translated by Allison Párraga)

 We are beings is constant change and evolution, and often we can anticipate what life has in store for us.  Our dreams or the goals that we set make up what can be called Life Plans.

But what happens when serious situations that were unanticipated stand in our way?  Or when we fear that the hardship that has befallen another could happen to us, too?

 That is when we ask ourselves these questions:

What will happen to me?

What will come next? or

Am I making the right decision?


 This valuable subject was discussed in our Neighborhood Conversations group where it was evident that many of us share this feeling called UNCERTAINTY, fear of the future and what could happen to us by situations beyond our control.

We live life hoping that our plans will pan out effortlessly, but without the certainty that the next gathering or even the next trip that we want to take will occur.  We experience fear and worry about losing a job, contracting a disease or a virus, a life-altering occurrence brought about by outside forces.

Apprehension is another word used to describe our feelings about the future.

Nevertheless, we have several possible solutions that can help to calm that anxiety or anguish one feels in the mornings.  It is for that reason that we wish to share this text with you, so that it is you who decides whether or not to open the door to the future despite fear and sorrow.  You may be surprised by happiness, hope and enthusiasm


 There is no need to be fearful if our path has a dark side.  Remember that black is among the range of colors that make up our lives.  Night, for example, despite its darkness, always looks for a way to shine with the help of the stars.  How about if we use this same concept when examining ourselves?

When uncertainty is our dark side, let’s find a more beautiful way to shine.  The present is our here and now.  It is what keeps us alive, and we know that we are the masters of what we have and what we do.

There is a reason for everything we do.  It is therefore necessary that you enjoy who you are.  Don’t let negative thoughts distress you.  As we’ve all heard, “live one day at a time”

One day of life is enough for reflecting back on the good and the bad one has experienced.  Calmly approach anything that might have been missed. Don’t worry, because perhaps tomorrow you will have another opportunity to accomplish it.


Remember when you were small and you played in a relaxed manner or did things calmly, not worrying about tomorrow.  Your only hope being that the following day you could live and enjoy as you did yesterday.  Those childhood feelings didn’t include fear of what could happen but instead a sense of wonder at how life was unfolding.  Happiness in the hope that tomorrow could be a better day.

We all have an inner child who, with the passage of time, we don’t allow to surface.  But what if we permitted these childhood emotions into all aspects of our lives, we integrated them into our adult lives?  Let’s spread that feeling to those around us, because it is always lovelier to have the soul of a child combined with the strength of a man.


 I would like to share an excerpt from a poem by Lilly Goodman, who most inspired this writing from the lyrics of the song “In the End” , who tells us the following: 

“And I learned that in life everything has a meaning,

And I found that everything works for the best

And that in the end it will be much better than what will come

It is part of a purpose, and everything will work out “

It is up to us to adapt to the uncertainty of the future, to face doubts every step of the way.  We will always have periods where we just don’t know what comes next or we can’t find the answers.

Take the risk of walking in uncertainty, do not judge yourself and learn from each step. And always remember that we all have a purpose in life, and it is wonderful to continue living because life, with all its difficulties, is beautiful.