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When a Friend Leaves!

By: Jaime W. Mejía    (Translated by Jessica Schwartzman)

It’s so easy to say that someone died, but it takes more than a simple hug to cure it. Any attempts at speaking are inadequate, and their presence vanishes like fog in the wind. 

The pain that this absence causes is infinite, and sometimes we don’t know how to heal. The crying doesn’t stop, even when there are no more tears to shed. 

The heart stays crushed, like a used handkerchief, beating out of inertia instead of desire. 

Then, suddenly, everyone tries to cheer you up, console you, and give you a little encouragement so that you can rise and bear the burden that destroys you a bit more each day. You ask “why?”, and the only thing you want is to leave with them, so as not to feel their absence.

Days Pass Like the Wind

 After all this pain, we try to heal and carry on.  You wake up hoping it was just a nightmare, but then reality quickly sets in.

You splash water on your face and allow a few tears to fall while alone in the bathroom, moving like a joyless zombie.  You look at those around you and note how the expressions on their faces reflect yours.

The days pass and there is no return, but a small piece of your heart begins to beat without agony. Life continues its course.

The New Dawn

With the passing of the seasons, the suffering is barely reduced. But with each tick of the clock the torture of your friend’s absence lessens.

 Suddenly, one day, you feel strength reenter your heart and you begin to smile anew.  Your feelings are intensified and inside you find a burning light that says “I am here with you”.

Death only becomes an expression and a security in the future. What is important is to enjoy what we have now, leave a legacy, give wisdom to those younger, and spread kindness to everyone else.

Time puts things in place, healing a profound wound and leaving scars in the place of a loved one. Above all, we should embrace those wonderful memories, the beautiful moments that were made in the time we shared. 

It’s only “See you later!” my dear friend, we’ll see each other later .. I hope not very soon!