Work is Not Done Only Behind a Desk

Pearl of Inspiration

Work is Not Done Only Behind a Desk

By: Rocío Mosquera (Translated by Taisa Strouse)

It was a normal day; the family went about their daily activities including school, work, housework, shopping and more. That day, Enrique*, 41, returned home earlier than expected. His face conveyed immense concern because hours earlier at his office, he was fired. 


Getting up every morning after that bad news was difficult. Everything came crashing down and his thoughts seemed stuck in the fear of how to deal with the unpredictable. It’s true Enrique had years of savings, but this would not be enough to make ends meet.

All of this happened during the pandemic; a time that, for many, meant an unforeseen reality. A reality where the days were undesirable and full of anguish. Where one’s goals became distant dreams because money was scarce, barely enough to feed oneself daily.


Enrique’s reality had an often suffocating weight. Two young children, his wife diagnosed with cancer, unemployment, little money in the bank and his desire to get a new job that faded with each NO he received in response to his job applications.

Life at home was not the same as it was months ago. The couple ended the night with a fight. The sun rose and reflected the sadness in the family’s eyes. “I don’t know what else to do” were the only words to fill broken silences.


It was not the first time money lacked at home nor the first time they continuously fought to survive day by day; this made them strong.

There were also rewarding moments. They saw the children grow up becoming aware of a reality that they did not ask to experience, but that taught them a world different from that of those fortunate families who had the blessing of work.

Young warriors who, with excellent grades, returned light to their parents’ lives. The innocence of their words, wrapped in advice that showed the maturity of their hopes, inspired Enrique to keep fighting.


It was not what he expected, but Enrique had one or another “chauchita” that helped with urgent house payments: rent, basic services, education, medicine and, above all, food.

For years he worked in television, renewing old technological ideas to simplify the technical work of those behind the cameras. Now, his opportunities were based on the placement of security cameras, internet networks at home and others.

Perhaps, to him, this was a low in his life, but “you have to live for something” was a phrase constantly said. Sometimes, we are forced to overcome our own pride to nurture the lives of those whom God places in our care; especially if these lives are of the young ones who see their father as the real hero.


Now, a year after Enrique lost his job, the fight at home has become the hallmark of life. He is still looking for that YES that will give him that unique opportunity to rise like the phoenix. His wife, by his side, is firm in the fight to receive the definitive discharge from her cancer treatment. While this is happening, she puts her shoulder next to the man she loves so much and in whom she believes every day. day. Her unconditional support is an important incentive in preventing her husband from collapsing into a deep depression.

They are aware that it may take time, but there is something they do not forget: as long as God is the center of their lives and the strength of their body remain intact, each day will be “a step forward” because it is possible when teamwork is and because work is not only done behind a desk. It is also forming your own business, large or small, locally or at home. No matter where, it’s important to know opportunities exist and dreams become real when we open our minds to what we once said no to.

The phrase, “together we are invincible,” brought us together thirteen years ago and today we return to face the small difficulties of our life journeys as one united front.


*Name changed for anonymity

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