Forgiveness is part of loving
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Forgiveness is part of loving

By: Diana Sánchez (Translated by Allison Párraga)

We live in a world where we deal with people who are not easy to get along with.

How many times are we offended or treated badly by people who are part of our family or people very close to us from whom we did not expect such treatment?

Even when we have worked on our character there will always be someone who does something or says something that will bother us or make us feel bad about something, that person with whatever he/she has done will make us feel angry and/or resentful.

That is why it is so difficult to love our neighbor and at the same time forgive those who hurt us, because it is difficult for us to heal our pain, to heal our open wound, it is difficult for us to look at the face of that person who for some reason has decided one day or for some time of his life to hurt us, it is difficult for us to understand how someone can be perverse towards another person and enjoy that, it hurts us to see how someone can harbor pure hatred towards another human being and not want to rectify it.

I believe that there is no time limit for forgiveness. It is something that can happen to all of us. We must forgive and on many occasions we believe we are capable of doing so, but do we forgive those who have offended, hurt, mistreated, mistreated, humiliated, and even humiliated us in life?

All this from someone who has spent entire nights without sleep because of the lack of forgiveness. But everything changed when one day I realized that I could forgive ALL the bad things that were ever done to me, so come on, what are you waiting for to write or call that person that has been difficult for you to forgive? I assure you that just like you are struggling or waiting for you to do it


To forgive is to have the ability to not hold a grudge or resentment towards the person who hurt us, it is to forget the damage done without asking or demanding any compensation for what they did to us. Forgiveness is based on sincere love, because:

“Love suffers long, is kind; love does not envy, love does not boast, is not puffed up, is not puffed up; does nothing wrong, does seek its own, is not provoked, does not bear a grudge” (1 Corinthians 13:4-5).

I know it is difficult to forgive, much more to those who have hurt us deeply, but it is necessary to do it because when we do it we are filling ourselves with healing, we are cleaning our inner self and there will be no negative feelings that will harm our health; this is very important.

Forgiving not only implies a liberation for the one who made the mistake, but it also liberates us who forgive. Forgiving is not something that we do for the other person on most occasions, but something that is born from us.

Many people are reluctant to forgive because they believe that it means to expose themselves to harm again or that the other person must pay for what he/she has done and does not deserve to be forgiven, but forgiving is a selfish act, a favor we do ourselves and the ability to forgive is a sign of emotional intelligence.

Buddha said that “to engage in anger is like clinging to a burning coal to throw it at another: the one who burns is you”.


It is said that anger is the opposite of love, it is the denial of the existence of love in our life. Love is in you, in me, and everyone. Let us ask ourselves how many times in life we have felt these discomforts of rage and anger, for not knowing how to forgive and free ourselves from the emotional burdens that bind us to the tastelessness of bad memories.

Something that can also block and not let you flow towards a harmonious relationship is to stay in the past and be hooked on a negative experience of the past. If we haven’t forgiven an ex, a boss, a sister, your mother, a neighbor, and even the motorist, it’s time to do it. Forgive ourselves as well. When you forgive and forget painful or unpleasant experiences, harmony will flow in every type of relationship you establish.

True forgiveness can release and overcome the past, living a path of love, truth, and justice, freeing us from suffering, renewing relationships, and allowing new opportunities for reconciliation and restoration with the people we have offended.

Forgiveness personally experienced, given and received, bears witness that in our world, love is stronger than sin. 

By forgiving we are saying: “I love you, I know your heart, I know that you are capable of forgiveness and love, I know that you are not like that and that you are a wonderful being who can be happy and make others happy, as much as I can be”.