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Pearl of Inspiration


By: Diana Sánchez  (Translated by Allison Párraga)

When we feel overwhelmed by the lack of love and attention, in some cases the best thing to do is to take distance, and this is the topic addressed in “Conversando con tu Vecindad”, it is essential not to ask ourselves too many questions when we are the ones who must take the first step:

What is going to happen to me? Will it be better to leave him/her?

It is important to know that never a decision that is based on the pain of feeling indifference is always something easy to take since many times we are guided by thoughts of uncertainty and we feel selfish to put our emotional needs before what was a loving bond.

Letting go is a feeling that often comes from saying goodbye or getting rid of some burdens that we get along the way, and more when you love someone, but you know that the relationship does not work, does not make you happy and you must fight against what often hurts you.

It is a unilateral decision, that is to say, that everything depends on yourself, to be happy and to launch yourself towards what can be the beginning of a new life. Demonstrating that you are worth much more and that setting limits are life lessons to improve inner peace and improve our quality of life.


By always expressing ourselves honestly and openly about our feelings, we make clear our message or the main point of what we want to communicate in the face of what we call a love breakup.

We cannot blame anyone or attribute the failure of the relationship, with past events that only lead us to vicious circles that will not let us out, it is better, to keep good memories and not create or leave negative feelings that can even have painful repercussions on ourselves.


We must accept the loss, live the mourning of the relationship, and re-adapt to a new lifestyle, living with the pain despite making the decision sometimes is not easy, but as time is the best cure or as our grandparents say, “time is always right”, it is better to know that all energy that comes from our feelings is transformed into something that later will give us color and meaning to life.

Being interested in activities that can enrich our thinking, enjoying the elaboration of new plans, growing emotionally, and concentrating on a single objective: to be happy, to feel complete without the need to depend on a partner, and perhaps in the future to establish a new loving, healthy, positive and mutually beneficial relationship.

This is how we learn in life; falls make us wiser and more resilient.