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Pearl of Inspiration

Life: A Beautiful Voyage

By: Dra. Zaida Betancourt   (Translated by Jessica Schwartzman)

Your Ticket Please!

The Neighborly Conversations dialogue circle goes back and forth between friendship and pain when it loses one of its own. 

The dialogue circle transforms pain into beautiful pearls, one of which is that we are all on the train of life, enjoying its multiple colors, the scenery, the food, a good suggested read, and the company we keep.

Friends board our train, giving us their best and nourishing our soul. We lovingly learn from each other, grow from our differences, and accompany each other uniquely and irreplaceably.

They delight us with their presence, and help us learn, and color our view of the world.

Would you like a cup of coffee?

With the same magic that fills us with joy, lessons, excitement, and enchantment, some friends disappear, teaching us to let go. In the process, we reaffirm lived experiences and cherish the memories we hold dear in our hearts with profound gratitude for having been there and respect for our differing paths in life.

We assume that some relationships change, that what was shared becomes lost over time. However, we remember all that we learned from them.

They are part of the memories that form our existence.

Next Stop

We thank the friends who continue to fill our lives, those that we find again, those for whom nothing could separate us, and those who we “lost.”

They evoke happy memories and they reaffirm that they were, are, and will be, a gift from life. There is a reason why we choose to be around them: We choose ourselves.  

Suddenly, we find ourselves in some other moment, but we can be certain that no one can take away the past. Thus, going forward, we can remember them every day while continuing to celebrate life.

We have arrived at the destination

Thank you for being here and for following this profound journey.