Maternal Empowerment
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Maternal Empowerment

By: David Vera (Translated by Allison Párraga)

Every Woman, whether mother or not, has the power to change the world

It is a transformation that is acquired throughout the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum stages; it implies an increase in strength in all its aspects, linked to the development of confidence in all its capacities.

In this case, the woman can fully share the pregnancy process, give birth freely, and live the upbringing of her baby happily.

It is an “I can do it”, “I am capable”, “I am happy doing it”.

Commonly, from the moment a woman reveals her pregnancy she becomes the target of advice and value judgments from friends and family.

Some of the most common phrases are: “you are not getting it right,

“Better leave it to me”,

“It takes a long time to put the diaper on, look how I do it”,

“I’m going to call my mother to come to help you with the baby.”

What all these phrases cause is a decrease in confidence in her maternal role and that her empowerment as a mother is not fully developed.

Many of these statements cause mothers to distrust their abilities to care for their children and generate internal thoughts such as: “I am a bad mother”, “I was not born for this”, “Am I doing it right?”

The mistrust that comments towards mothers create is the uncertainty of being able to have a bad time or come to believe that what people say is true and often without any foundation.

This strengthening is a development process in which the mother figure is important to help resolve doubts and support decisions. Because this is the development of life, it is something to live intensely happily and make the most of it.


It is vitally important that women know that they are responsible for their health, their well-being, and for making decisions that they deem appropriate, while feeling happy and at ease.

Accepting, respecting, and supporting what the mother decides is one of the best measures of social empowerment that we could achieve.

Be aware of their needs, which makes them happy, and gives them happiness to direct their efforts to achieve their total well-being.

Accompany a person with positive language, which helps them feel confident about themselves and gives them the correct tools for when their environment makes them doubt.

Remember that they can decide on their body, their affairs and have the capacity to resolve them; They are free to choose and to make the decisions that they deem appropriate for their benefit or that of their child.


Mothers can express their opinion and their discomfort in an assertive way, they can say “NO” to requests or offers of help that may make them uncomfortable.

We must understand their different points of view and acknowledge their attempt to stand up for themselves. It is our role and the job of all members of society to support, accompany and listen to mothers, without judging and with respect, this will be key to strengthening their role as a mother.

Likewise, that mother will be able to face and analyze all kinds of advice or suggestions; decide if these comments are valid or not, and impose your criteria if necessary in a positive way.

In conclusion, a mother is well informed of her needs, is confident in herself, and perceives herself as a person capable of making decisions about vital issues, intending to be herself and feel comfortable.

Be an empowered woman!