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Our future depends on us, meanwhile live in the here and now

By: Aylenn Minaya (Translated by Patricia Minski)

The 2021 presidential elections in Ecuador have really been an ordeal for all Ecuadorians. The future is so uncertain that it only depends on us and how we build it.The ‘power’ to decide who we want to govern us is in our hands. On the one hand, we have socialism and on the other capitalism, two totally different ideologies that make millions of Ecuadorians wander and be afflicted. 

It is said that the future is built based on the past, and it is precisely at that moment that fear inhabits our nights, tormenting our decisions and putting us at a crossroads. We think of our parents, siblings, children, grandchildren… but we are unable to obtain clarity and are terrified of falling into the ravine of failure.


Marthita (protected name) is one of many mothers and grandmothers who live the constant despair and anguish that has forged the current situation.

She has lost sleep, because she has not stopped thinking about the future. Every night she hammers in her head the same trite question: Where are we headed, as people and as a country?

She is the mother of three children and grandmother of eight grandchildren. She fears for the future of her children, she fears that they will not be able to receive a good education and that they will not be able to have a decent life.

It is an issue that not only affects Martha; it is an issue that affects all of Ecuador. I would like to emphasize that apart from the political situation, we are going through a worldwide pandemic, and that in itself has already devastated us all emotionally, physically and economically.

However, that is not the only anguish Marthita is experiencing.

The issue of Covid-19 and the confinement are an impediment to maintain physical contact with those she loves the most. For a year and a bit more, she has not been able to maintain a connection with her grandchildren. Today, the Internet has become her best friend to at least share moments of virtuality and entertainment with her loved ones.

For that reason, now that we can and now that we realize that life is so short and ephemeral, let’s live well and happily.

I believe that every government has had its difficulties, because nothing is or has always been rosy. In past governments we have tried to rescue the good and the bad, and in spite of everything we have always struggled to move forward.


Nevertheless, in spite of all the adversities that each one of us has had to live through, it is time to open our eyes and make our best choice, and I am not only talking about politics, but also about social and daily life.

Let’s look for our path, let’s forge our future, let’s make our life a happy place. A comfortable place, one which we will never regret having taken; the best decision of our lives.

These are hard times, and I could say that worse times are coming, but no matter what the circumstances are, we will always look for a way out and a solution. Let’s not allow discouragement to distress us and corrode our altar of peace. 

Let us not allow thoughts of an uncertain future to destroy our objectives. Let us not allow ourselves to create barriers without first having them in front of us. Let us not allow these and a thousand other things to stop the happiness of our present. 

Therefore, today that we are alive, and enjoy the pleasure and blessing of breathing, let us take the pandemic and everything that happens around us as an excuse; let us enjoy the much or little we have, let us love unrestrainedly, let us share quality moments with our family, let us value the time we spend with friends, let us be grateful for every second of being here, and above all, let us leave aside all bitterness and sadness. Because as my mom says “today we are here and tomorrow we don’t know”. 

Live, enjoy and be happy!