Soul scars hurt too
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Soul scars hurt too

By: David Vera (Translated by Allison Párraga)

silence in abuse is lethal. Dare, be brave and report

“In that air of nothing, you lose yourself, in that freedom of lies you lose yourself. But one day you will return to your lost crops, to your flights, to the distant days, to the golden olive tree, to the still wind. ”

(Araceli Saguillo)


One of the most repudiated acts at all levels is gender abuse or violence. It is a problem that has been immersed in our society for years. The United Nations defines gender violence as any act against women that results in physical, sexual, psychological, and/or economic harm. As well as defamation, threats, public or private, arbitrary deprivation of their freedom and all negative connotations towards them.

In my role as a student and a man, I have been able to witness acts of violence throughout my life, from very close friends who have suffered violence, to the different abuses that women receive anywhere.

On some occasions on the way home from the train stop, I was able to witness one of the most grotesque and typical acts suffered by many women daily. Harassment or harassment by a man of mature age who had no respect for the integrity of a girl and began to touch her, I could notice the discomfort on the woman’s face, and I did not hesitate for a second to intervene.

These acts, like many others, are the daily lives of thousands of women, who walk the streets receiving all kinds of harassment. Therefore, society should not normalize these situations that push us beyond the limits of tolerance.


Violence is not just limited to the physical harm that can be carried out; those malicious words are also considered more of the same. Emotional abuse is commonly called Silent Assault, as its marks can linger even longer on the soul.

Anxiety, low self-esteem, fear, uncertainty are some of the consequences of those who identify with this type of violence.

And trying to recognize it is almost late since victims tend to “normalize” this type of aggression, waiting for the abuser to change.

Communication is the main factor for a successful relationship, but violent attitudes generate emotional deficiencies when it fails.

We must recognize people for their behaviors when they show us when they aggressively express their feelings of discomfort, this should get our attention and give us an alert.


Spotting an uncomfortable reality as early as possible can help end it all and avoid many problems. But, when the action is already done, those who know the victim must provide full support in the situation. It can be difficult to help those who are often blind and see no way out of this cycle of violence, as even victims may have a guilt complex and believe they deserve this abuse or financial dependency.

Violence is and will always be the most lethal weapon for the heart, regardless of blows, offenses, and strong words that weaken the soul, turn it off and leave it defenseless to shine, like a broken mirror that we later want to compose. nothing will remain the same, the deep cracks of pain are spaces of thought that few will be able to unite, so who offers a helping hand to help heal is the ray of light in the middle of this darkness.

The important thing is to give a communication link to those who have not received it for a long time. Take her away and away from the situation that is drowning her in pain as soon as possible. Receive it and support it with patience and prudence, in the face of any sudden reaction or change. And above all accompany her so that this circle of violence disappears from her life, for her future and that of her generations.

“Silence is lethal in abuse. Dare, be brave and report the aggressor.”