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Where is my self love?

In last Thursday’s Neighborly Conversations Dialogue Circle, we talked about very important topics such as: Trying to please everyone else. Not speaking out against situations that we dislike....

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When does Honesty Disappear?

In the latest Neighbourly Conversations Dialogue Circle, we addressed the topic of how corruption has become boundless. It has reached a point that outrages us, causes fury, and makes us feel like idiots. And worse, they speak of a path forward, but nothing happens....

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I have a dream

On April 6, 2021, Pa’Arriba Foundation’s local chapter, Fundación Pa’Arriba Ecuador signed a formal agreement with the national Human Rights Secretariat of Ecuador to expand its programs in the country. We are convinced that our alliance will make our work in violence prevention even more effective, by allowing the foundation…...

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And now what?

Some parents ask this question when their children are 1-2 years away from finishing high school: A fortunate issue to have, but one that comes with worries about their choice of university and major, where they will go, and how much it will cost....

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