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Peace goes beyond the absence of conflicts

According to the Oxford dictionary, peace is a situation or state in which there is no war or struggle between two or more opposing parties. But peace goes much further, peace is respecting each other, accepting, and appreciating differences, fighting for injustices, supporting people who need it most. Peace is…...

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The Moment When YES Becomes NO MORE

There is a topic that keeps popping up in our Neighbourly Conversations dialogue circle, and it’s one that bothers us about our society as a human being, and even more so as a man. This problem is violence against women....

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Don’t hurt me!

Last Thursday during Pa’Arriba Foundation’s Neighborly Conversations Dialogue Circle, we began to talk about a large problem present across the Americas: widespread violence....

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There were two roads…I took them both . In peace

There is a famous poem by American poet Robert Frost where the narrator finds two roads in a forest and doesn’t know which to take. Both look pleasant, and he thinks that he could possibly walk along the road without choosing a future....

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