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Pearl of Inspiration


By: Penélope Lara  (Translated by Allison Párraga)


In “Conversando con tu Vecindad”, our feelings were touched by a reality that many women live in the world and that Andrea (protected name), shared with us:

The strength she had to express that feeling that flooded her soul, filling her with resentment and confusion, was very great, with she was able to get it out and talk with us because when we feel the need to tell what we have kept, our heart feels better.


When the people we consider important in our life, make the mistake of failing us, we torment ourselves every day with that, feeling that pressure in our chest that causes sadness and anger, filling us with negative thoughts and all this ends up turning us into cold people with a resentful heart. 

Many times, we want people to be the same as us, to be good human beings, to think in the same way, or rather to have the same good heart as ours, we forget that other hearts are different, because they do not always share the same concepts of life, the same habits, beliefs or inner goodness.

Although these people are different, we come to love them, but when they make the mistake of failing us, we are susceptible to that act that we never thought would happen, we close ourselves so much to the damage that has been done to us, that we begin to damage our emotional peace and our daily life, without thinking that the best thing to do in this type of situation is to forgive.

It doesn’t matter if we have never heard forgiveness, or if what was done to us was very painful and “unforgivable”, we must be strong and forgive. Because as this phrase says, “only those truly courageous spirits know how to forgive”.  


The first step to reaching forgiveness is to talk about it, to talk about it, so we can unburden ourselves, cry as much as we can, and sometimes choose to move away from those people to clarify our thoughts, it is also appropriate if they hurt us.

So, the one who has hurt us, be it our sentimental partner, our father, our mother, our children, our uncles, or any relative or person, forgiving will help us to have good mental health, and not to have a heart submerged in resentment and full of hatred or anger


It does not matter if we do not express physically forgiveness towards that person who could hurt us, either for fear or for the simple fact of believing that to forgive is to accept that damage that caused us; rather when forgiving, we will have a calm life, we will feel that peace and freedom that we did not have, for that dagger that we carried in our chest, we will leave behind the anger and the rancor.

Consequently, if we allow things to afflict us, we will not live a peaceful and harmonious life. We are the ones who decide if any situation or the act of a person affects us, to get the strength to forgive the one who hurt us, is for the brave, even if it hurts, even if it is uncomfortable, we must do it, because the strength of forgiveness will give us tranquility, it will give us peace of heart.