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Pearl of Inspiration


By: David Vera (Translated by Allison Párraga)

We are beings in constant change and evolution, and many times we anticipate what life has in store for us. Our dreams or the goals that we set are in what we call life plans.

But what happens when we are surrounded by critical situations that were not foreseen in our way? We feel that anguish that what happened to someone close or known could happen to us too.

That is when we ask ourselves this question.

What will happen to me?

What will come next? or

Is this the right decision or bad?


This valuable topic was discussed in our Conversation with your neighborhood space. We can realize that many of us share that feeling called UNCERTAINTY, fear of the future, of what may happen to us through a situation that is beyond our reach.

We live life hoping that our plans will be carried out with ease, but without the certainty that the next celebration or perhaps the trip we wanted to do by chance will not happen. When we lose a job, we feel fear and worry, the change of life that is transformed around a situation external to us, or even contracting a disease or virus.

Fear is another of the sensations that perhaps we can describe now of not knowing what will happen to our future.

However, we have several answers that can help calm that anxiety or anguish that attacks us in the morning. Therefore, we want to share this text with you, so that it is you who decides to open the box of the future of fear and grief and surprise you with joy, hope and encouragement.


There is no need to fear if our path has a dark side. Remember that black is also part of the range of colors that life has. The night, for example, despite its darkness always looks for a way to shine and be noticed through the stars as its help, and if, for this reflection, we transfer it to our being.

When uncertainty is our dark side, let’s find a more beautiful way to shine. The present is ours here and now. It is what keeps us alive, and we know that we are the owners of what we have, possess, and do.

Everything we do has a purpose, so you must enjoy who you are. Don’t let negative thoughts haunt you, as we’ve all heard at some point “live one day at a time.”

It is enough to live one day so that when you go to rest and analyze everything good or bad that happened. And take it easy if something is missing. Don’t worry, because maybe tomorrow you will have another chance to do it.


Remember when you were little, and you played quietly or did your things with the greatest tranquility, regardless of tomorrow. Just in the hope that the next day you can live and enjoy the same as the day before. Those emotions that as children did not make us feel afraid of what might happen, but rather a surprise of what would happen. The joy of hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

We all have an inner child, who with the passage of time, no longer lets it out. But what if we put those childhood emotions aside in all aspects of our lives? And we are combining it with the adult life that we now lead. We are transmitting that feeling to those around us because it is always more beautiful to have the soul of a child with the strength of a man.


I would like to share an excerpt from a poem by Lilly Goodman, who most inspired the pearl and wheel of our conversation:

From the poem “At the End” by Lilly Goodman, he tells us the following:

“And I learned that in life everything has a meaning,

And I found that everything works for the best

And that in the end it will be much better than what will come

It is part of a purpose, and everything will work out “

It is up to us to adapt to the uncertainty of the future, to face doubts every step of the way. We always have blocked moments where we just don’t know what comes next or we can’t find the answers.

Take the risk of walking in uncertainty, do not judge yourself and learn from each step. And always remember, we all have a purpose in life, and it is wonderful to continue living because life, with all its vicissitudes, is beautiful.