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By: Penélope Lara   (Translated by Patricia Minski)

Love is not as important as good health. You can’t love if you’re not healthy. You don’t appreciate it (Bryan Cranston). According to the World Health Organization, since 1948, every April 7 is commemorated as World Health Day, in order to raise awareness about terminal diseases, and encouraging  healthy eating habits. On this day we also commemorate those doctors and nurses who in times of pandemic have sacrificed their lives for those who have been infected by COVID-19.


It has been a year since Ecuador and the rest of the countries around the world were hit unexpectedly by the coronavirus, that drastic change that affected millions of people around the world, changed the way of thinking of citizens, and has left us from one minute to another with “mass media communications” as our main way of communicating. 

When out of nowhere every day the only information that appeared on the news channels were simultaneous deaths everywhere, when out of nowhere we were reunited with our loved ones to then isolate ourselves for 5, 6, or 7 months, when out of nowhere we went out to entertainment centers and places outdoors to distract ourselves, it was at that moment when  COVID-19 came to end the lives of our loved ones, newborn children, pregnant mothers, students, teachers, doctors, nurses, public officials, military and others. 

At that moment we were able to realize that life is ephemeral, that one day we are here and the next day we may not, that health is the most important thing we own as human beings, that without it we are nobody, we are nothing, that was the moment when we started changing our expectations and the thought of living every moment as if it were the last, was engraved forever in our minds.


A round of applause for those people who work in the health area, because no one decides to come to this world to watch over the health of others. There is no guide for that wellbeing that is extremely necessary to be able to have a long life. 

Life made us realize that it was not true that those who had greater economic opportunities were going to win over that which at the beginning was a virus, which was not to be feared and ended up becoming the terror of thousands of people all over the world. 

Unfortunately, there is still that economic division that has been evident throughout history; there are those who do not have life insurance to be treated immediately and are sent to a public health center to wait endlessly for an appointment to be treated.

The WHO mentions that, due to the existence of inequality, there are some people who have less risk of suffering from a terminal disease, either because of their living conditions, the environment in which they grow up or the economic opportunities they have, making reference to the fact that the pandemic hit even harder the vulnerable sectors that were already immersed in a world of diseases and lack of resources. 

There must be an unstoppable fight for equal opportunities, so that everyone has the same life circumstances, so that they can be in good conditions, so that they are not vulnerable to emotional or health problems, because as this phrase says “there is no freedom if we live in a world with inequalities”.